Help and Usage Tips

Smart Search Compatibility

Summon Smart Search is compatible with NVDA screen reader and Chrome or Firefox browser.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the navigation shortcuts in Smart Search require the user to be in edit mode. When this is on, a user can navigate up or down among search results with the arrow keys. A user can also navigate from pane to pane using the left and right arrows.


The left pane contains the search filters to narrow down your search results. The search results are in the center pane, and the right pane contains related library links. ESC returns the user to smart search in edit mode for a new search or closes supplemental panes if they are open.

Navigate from one search result to the next using the H for next heading or by using the tab key or up and down arrows to go from link to link. Some options like emailing a citation or copying a permalink for a result are best located using the tab key.

Need Help?

The University Libraries is here to assist you. Please contact Samuel Willis if you are having difficulty using this platform. He may also be contacted by phone at 316 978 5104.